On the hills of the Taurus Mountains the melting snow combined with rich minerals stream down the hills heading towards the cleanest and most unspoiled ancient bay in Turkey, Kalkan, in which nestles the unique Patara Prince.

With 30 years of architectural experience behind me, my childhood passions for the sea and nature are reflected in this immortal achievement. I am so proud of its unique landscape and translucent, clear sea water.

Millennium Patara is a heritage that I am leaving to our children and grand children as a unique Mediterranean experience.

Mr. Turhan Kaso
Architect, Ms / Designer

"Come to me all the rich"

.....Mr.Kaşo, an Istanbul architect and builder, first visited Kalkan in the 1986.Though the area contains stunning Lycian tombs carved into cliffs and other ancient sites, he was in search of new places to dive. He found wonderful spots among the small islands outside the bay and returned many times. For years he dreamed of building a vacation house here. By the time he started work in the late 1980's the dream had grown a bit. The result was Club Patara, a honeycomb of 250 villas and a 60-room hotel nestled on a hillside across the bay from the village. The development is a sharp contrast to overbuilt and crowded vacation villages farther south toward Antalya. Mr. Kaso used natural stone, abundant greenery and earth tones on his gently rounded buildings to fit the resort with the environment. Trees and winding pathways conceal the houses. I had no desire to destroy what brought me here in the first place.....

21.08.2001, Douglas FRANTZ
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Sea Water and Beach