The Kalkan Bay, known as the cleanest and clearest bay of the Mediterranean coasts, hosts cool spring waters running into the sea going through the Mountain Taurus.

Xantos, Letoon, Sidyma, Pinara, Tlos, Telmessos, Kekova, Teimussa, Simena, Myra, Saklıkent and Patara...

Club Patara Villas: an integration of unrivalled architecture of the Lycian civilization and a unique Mediterranean experience with the nature.

A unique nature embracing a warm sunlight would guide you from greens embellished with begonia and olive trees towards the blue of the sea. The light of the moon and stars running towards Mediterranean from Mountain Taurus and embracing and carrying along the nice smell of splendid flowers while approaching you on its imaginery track would illuminate never-ending chats you’d enjoy at cool and joyful evenings.

It is situated at a distance of 820 kms from Istanbul, 630 kms from Ankara, 220 kms from Antalya, 120 kms from Dalaman Airport, and at a distance of 800 meters from Kalkan center on foot, through a lovely walking.

Apart from Patara Prince Hotel & Resort, where you can enjoy all the facilities and host your guests, Club Patara Villas reflects a unique Mediterranean experience on the strength of its architectural style, ecological harmony and of the greens surrounding all-round, as well as of infrastructure of the villas. Some of the social and technical assets are as follows:

* Villas built on the strength of original architectural attributes and designed to keep cool all the time and not to prevent good view of others

* Ground floors coated with stone blocks, while upper floors with oriential bricks, all encircled with cedar trees.

* 1000 KWA substation, immediate cut feature (emergency cutoff) in 870 kwa generator, (a 2013 facility), water tank ensuring continuous run of water, splendid infrastructure, a real 1500-people water treatment plant (there exist a complete sewage system beneath Club Patara Villas), garden and fire brigade water supply system, purified water, personal telephone line and wi-fi are available.

Club Patara Villas is a self-sufficient small town which is alive for 12 months of the year on the strength of qualified and professional management staff and technical team. For homeowners, Patara Prince Hotel restaurants and bars offer 25% discount.

If you like, you can buy one of 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 bedroom villas as a private property acquiring its title deed.


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